Program Application

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 120 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 5.00%
Additional terms ** Please note, our Affiliate Program is by invitation only. ** We are proud you chose KinkyCurlyYaki as your partner for hair extensions. We offer quality textured hair extensions with quality support and service. Commission You will earn 5% on any purchase originating from your social media platform. Cookie Length With a cookie length of 120 days, that gives you and your referral lots of time to purchase and reward you commissions over and over within that entire period. Please use or to dress up your affiliate link. Thanks!
Welcome to our KCY Affiliate Registration Form

We are proud you chose KinkyCurlyYaki as your partner. We offer quality textured hair extensions with quality support and service.

You will earn 5% on any purchase originating from your social media platform.

Cookie Length
With a cookie length of 120 days, that gives you and your referral lots of time to purchase and reward you commissions over and over within that entire period.

Let's get you started in 3 easy steps:

1. Review our KCY Affiliate Program Terms & Policies
2. Complete all required fields
3. Submit your application to agree to the terms and conditions of the program

Once submitted, we will review your application and when approved, we will send you an e-mail invitation to set up your KCY Affiliate Program account. Once you create a login and password, you can then log in and add our links and banners to your social media platform and start collecting 5% on every sale.

That's it! We will take care of the rest and provide your followers with our natural textured hair extensions and first class customer service.
KinkyCurlyYaki (KCY) Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

By completing our KCY Partner Registration Form, you ("affiliate") agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions of our KCY Affiliate Program. Please read the content of this agreement carefully before signing up for the program.

By pressing Submit on your registration form, you agree: 
- that all the information provided in your registration is complete and accurate
- to abide by the terms and conditions of the KinkyCurlyYaki (KCY) Affiliate Program until you have terminated your account 
- to advertise for commission on behalf of KinkyCurlyYaki (KCY) Inc.
- KinkyCurlyYaki (KCY) Inc. will be solely responsible for approving or rejecting your acceptance into the KinkyCurlyYaki (KCY) Affiliate Program

Being a KCY Affiliate requires you to maintain professional and ethical standards, which includes, but is not limited to,
advertising and representing, on behalf of KinkyCurlyYaki (KCY) Inc. in a manner that does not violate any customer rights by avoiding:
- spamming using your affiliate link
- using any copyrights material from the KinkyCurlyYaki (KCY) Inc. website
- harassment of others using your website or KinkyCurlyYaki (KCY) affiliate link
- explicit content 

The name KinkyCurlyYaki™ is a trademark of KinkyCurlyYaki Inc. and cannot be used without KinkyCurlyYaki's written consent in any manner. Legal action will be taken against any person or company which infringe on KinkyCurlyYaki Inc. copyrights or trademarks. KinkyCurlyYaki will not be responsible if an affiliate uses a third party's copyright material in violation of any laws.

In order to be a KCY Affiliate, you will need to create a log-in and password. The account will be used to track and monitor sales to pay commissions payments. The duration of KinkyCurlyYaki (KCY) Affiliate Program agreement begins when you submit your application and is terminated once you close you KinkyCurlyYaki (KCY) Affiliate Program account.

"Cookie Stuffing" is considered a serious act against the integrity of the KinkyCurlyYaki (KCY) Affiliate Program. Any affiliates suspected or engaged in such practices where a user is forced to or appears to click an affiliate link without the user's consent will be immediately terminated from the the KinkyCurlyYaki (KCY) Affiliate Program and all commissions forfeited.

Affiliates must advertise on social media platforms that are dedicated to beauty or fashion and uphold the values of KinkyCurlyYaki Inc. 

By submitting your registration form for the KinkyCurlyYaki (KCY) Affiliate Program, you confirm you have read and understand the Program terms and conditions and agree to abide by the these terms and conditions.

KinkyCurlyYaki (KCY) Inc. reserves the right to terminate any affiliate account, at any time, at the discretion of management.